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Taupo Tandem Skydive, high above the Great Lake TaupoTaupo Tandem Skydive, high above the Great Lake TaupoSkydive Taupo and the pink plane high above the Great Lake Taupo

Sky Dive Taupo

There are two options available for your skydiving experience

"Taupo Tandem Skydive":


 Journey high above the spectacular Lake Taupo region with views of snow-capped volcanoes and pristine coastline. Skydive from 15,000 feet with over one minute in freefall, reaching speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour! With the largest range of camera options available and multi-lingual staff, your skydive will be unforgettable. The camera options include freefall DVD and photos, handycam DVD and photos, ground footage and an exit photo.  Experience the adventure with New Zealand’s original tandem skydiving company, operating since 1992.

 "Skydive Taupo":


“Skydive Taupo” have an expert team of skydiving instructors ready to jump from the famous pink plane. Choose from 12,000ft or 15,000ft freefall, over what must be the World’s most stunning drop zone; Lake Taupo, surrounded by snow capped peaks. A 200KPH decent slows into a safe controlled, breathtaking canopy landing.

Skydive Taupo have a range of tandem options to choose from.

And can collect you in the “Skydive Taupo Limousine” !!


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